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Privacy Policy

We recommend users to carefully read the Privacy Policy of Pune Central CPE (www.punecentralstudycircle.com) regarding the collection, storage, and dealing of personally identifiable user data and sensitive personal data to understand it. Pune Central CPE makes sure the privacy of every user is protected. Pune Central CPE reserves the right of amending the privacy policy anytime without prior notice to the end users by automatically updating the amended version on the site.

Personal & Business Information: Pune Central CPE is a membership programme where CAs can exchange their thoughts and help each other with vital industry insights. The platform collects user’s personal & business information to improve the user experience and stores it safely. We request you to please note that some part of your user data gets publicly available to the users accessing the platform.

Cookies: Pune Central CPE uses small files containing a small amount of data captured to understand user’s browsing information with anonymous unique identifiers. Pune Central CPE does not use cookies to gather personal data to protect user’s security concerns.

Our platform does not disclose the user’s personal information to any third-party website unless the users themselves allow us to or any government or law enforcement body asks for it.